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Star Frontiers: Interregnum

"The Empire has fallen, all is lost. We cannot send help, you are all on your own."
Last message sent via GalaFTL Coms prior to the fall of the Great Star Empire

History of, and major governmental bodies during the Interregnum

   Nobody knows what happened or why it happened but 200 years ago the Great Star Empire fell and with it all FTL communication. Without the FTL beacons jump navigation became nearly impossible. First contact with the Core worlds stopped, the Perimeter Principalities and finally the Frontier Colonies. What was left was a few nearby systems that were able to send courier ships to communicate and share supplies. But without the support of the Empire and it's FTL Beacons soon this was no longer enough to support the large populations throughout the shattered empire.

    It soon became apparent to some that only through raiding another system or planets resources could their own system or world survive. The once peaceful Empire erupted in war, as millions if not billions of planets and star systems clashed with each other. This was a period of time known now as the Shattered Wars. The Shattered Wars wage across the old remains of the Empire, it ravaged millions of systems and decimated whole civilizations. It was during this period that the first signs of unification where born. Alliances formed for mutual protection for other nearby systems that were  far more powerful.

   It was the planet Siniy-Seven and the Tyrant Artur Volkov that spearheaded one of the first multi-system unions. Using facilities he and his army took control of in the early years of the chaos during the Shattered Wars, Volkov was able to develop crud FTL beacons to start making larger jumps, with the aid of drone FTL ships that cost little if the failed to make the correct calculation in their FTL jumps. A network of beacons was built in only five years, this network covered a surprising region of space Volkov dubbed the Volkov Republic. Within a decade Volkov controlled a staggering twenty five systems, all under the control of local governors.

   Volkov was a humanist and did little to improve or even help the aliens his government came  in contact with. In the next few years Volkov was faced with a large insurgency of loosely organized rebels composed of humans and aliens opposed to his rule and power.

   Around the same time Volkov was forging his empire another empire was coming together, this one built around three systems very close together. Wealthy in resources and tech, plus a base of solid scientific knowledge this Union of the Three Stars was formed to protect it's people and it's rich resources. Beacons were not needed to travel between the three systems and communication beacons in the area where built by Pirate groups dating back to the early years of the Old Empire.

   The Union still has it's flaws, very much like the Volkov Republic, the Union holds anti-alien sentiments, though not as extreme as the Republic. They have delegated aliens to second class citizens. This has of course driven some humans to form alien rights groups and political parties supporting expanding the rights of alien races.

  Last of all is the Amalgam Confederacy, a haven for individualists, anarchists, refugees, both Alien and Human, as well as some darker more malignant individuals and groups. The A.C. could be considered a complete anarchy in the least and a Minarchist society at best however it's loose ties and and various governmental bodies keep the A.C. from being a true Anarchist Society.

   Among the A.C.'s various groups the largest and perhaps the most powerful are called the Night-Watchmen a policing body of sorts that provide security and protection for a price. While corruption does happen within the group, overall the group provides a sense of security and protection for those that can afford it. Generally the Night-Watchmen expand their service to those that cannot honestly pay for such service, but a standing rule leaves this open for individuals and units to interpret. However those considered "Innocents" by the organization are never to be coerced or aggressed, by penalty of death. The Oath of the Night-Watchmen forbids the use of force against the innocent. Although at times rouges must be dealt with.

Major Organizations of the Interregnum

Almazy Krovi (The Blood Diamonds)
Volkov Republic Propaganda "We will open the distant worlds!"

The TriStar Legionnaires
TriStar Legionnaire with a Hoverbike

The Night-Watchmen
Hired Mercenaries working as Night Watchmen

The Buzzards
Buzzard Fleet on the prowl

Common Thuch'Ull graffiti 

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