Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chthonian World

Carcosa is on my mind, I know its a swirl of "controversy", I guess...and I see that, but I still am fascinated by the idea of a world over ran by evil and Mythos creatures of Damnation. I have been doing some research, trying to decide if this is something I want to meddle with, and to be truthful it is. However I will tone down the more controversial elements in my setting...well because they are too disturbing for me, and I am just not willing to dip my toes in those elements.

I really don't have anything "Mythos" that I have played with, sure I recently ran a Cthulhu game, that I hated...HATED...but my players seemed to love...weird...but as far as including the Mythos in anything but that, naw not really. And I also know as of late the Mythos has been wrung dry it seems, with all these games and weird sci fantasy setting is seem every other blog or game company do I just jump on that band wagon too?

Why not?

But what do I do?

So the whole Chthonic word is full of possibility and yet it is freaking EVERY where...and again I don't care, so I what am I going to do with it...and sitting here I really am attracted to this idea of Dante's Inferno and Greek myth and Dark why not tap some of this, maybe do this whole Greek world over ran by mad and vile Gawds? It's a Hell on earth type scenario...and on top of that it's all bronze age tech.

I remember watch Clash of the Titans and getting that feeling of hopelessness in the world that was portrayed, of fear and awe at what was just over the next hill...that the underworld was reachable in a days travel and that civilization barley hung on.

These ancient ruins lay bare and dark and evil thing where everywhere...maybe I just remeber thing differently...but I am also reminded of the part in Time Bandits with Sean Connery, yeah...bleak and unforgiving.

Maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic?

So yeah this Dark Land this world where you know you are going to die, you just want to make sure it's on your terms..

And maybe I don't use the "MYTHOS" but I just use the Greek deities and amp up the complete alien logic they have. Then I throw in ancient empires long gone, a massive apocalypse that stunted Human development, remove PC races other than human and make everything out to kill ya...

Maybe it's a Little Conan meets Greek Myth meets Carcosa? Remove the Weird Sci Fi stuff in favor of some dark high fantasy magic some what like DCC...or even better use DCC as the base rules set...yep I like that idea...

So this will be a DCC setting, Dark and unforgiving, set in a Brozne age period in a world based off Greek myth with alien gods...and when I say alien I mean total beyond human concepts and understanding, so Zeus acts like a Elder God more than Kevin Sorbo's daddy.

So what else do I world map, maybe just a Polis that the players live in or nearby. And a good solid idea for an adventure, limit tech to Bronze age stuff... so I need to dig up some resources there, what, isn't there that Mazes and Minotaurs game, yep just found it here. That will be very useful.

Crap this might be the easiest bit of work I have done...


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