Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fortunate Son: An Alternate History RPG

So this idea has been swimming around in my head since I picked up the Twilight 2000 pdf over a year ago. I remember loving Twilight prior to my time in the US Army...but stopped playing because just wasn't as fun any more, being in the Army I wanted to escape reality, not relive it in my games...needless to say I played more BECMI/Cyclopedia D&D in the Army than anything else.

The recent war in Iraq where I spent a year, was a big turning point in my view of the world. And it was around this point that IO started considering doing a setting based on a Alternate history.

Fortunate Son, is a campaign set in the 1980's, during a case of "War without End". The US propaganda machine effectively shut down the growing counter culture during the 70's and the Government continued it's war in South East Asian to the point that know the World is on Verge of World War. But this isn't just the Foreign policies of the US at Fault, certain elements across the World lead to the continuing escalation. The Soviets and Chinese followed a path in the early years of the South East Asian war more aggressively, pushing for ever greater conflicts. The Bay of Pigs was never fully resolved and Cuba became a defacto launch point for Soviet aggression. The Growth of Communism in South America and a coming communist coup in Mexico has put the US on heightened alert. The Middle East has become a second front of conflicts with the US supporting its ally Iraq as Communist backed Ayatollahs in Iran cement their radicalization of the country of Iran.

It's a pretty bleak world, in which the population of the US still holds blindly to the "ethics" of the 1950's. 

The setting begins with the USSR officially declaring war, and follows much of the themes of Twilight 2000, except set in the 80's.

Characters are stuck behind enemy lines in Vietnam, left to fend for themselves as the US fights a war on its southern border.

Technology has progressed a little further than it was in the 80's in our reality, as the War Machine tends to drive technological break through, Picture the tech of the Alien's movies, sans the space flight.

Imagine a world where the hippy counter culture never developed and Nixon/McCarthy level paranoia was never quenched. Every country is blinded by it's on governments propaganda machine and the threat of communism lurks in the minds and hearts of anyone deemed different, or that speaks out.

This is a world were the Extreme Left and the Extreme Right run rampant, there is no rum for compromise or moderation.

This world the leader are only waiting for the other side to "push the button"....

I am thinking this will be broken into 3 parts...

A Before the "war to end all wars" period, a "war of the ages" period and a bleak post apocalyptic period, taking the PCs through each period.

Be warned now, as we discuss this it may get a little political, I am going for extremes here so this will generally not reflect my real feelings about either side.

Look for this as more of a thought experiment...a look at the world that may have been if everything we where told in the 50's 60's and 70's was true.


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