Sunday, December 18, 2016

Star Trek Setting idea.....

I know I have been tooling around with my whole reboot thing, but that does little to stop me from also wanting to run a Star Trek TOS era game....

Starships and Spacemen is the ruleset to use for me atleast, and so I have been banging around ideas to run a a TOS game set on a Space-station somewhat in the way Deep Space 9 is, or the Novel series Star Trek Vanguard...

Of course set in the TOS time period.

Also giving the characters access to a Archer class ship would be fun, somewhat like DS:9's Defiant in ways....

Below is some general ideas....the ship is dedicated to a Soviet era Russian explorer, hence the usage of the Twin headed Eagle for the ships crest and the emblem in the shield of the crest....

The Archer-Class ship....

Found here!

USS Obruchev
Named for russian explorer and scientist Vladimir Obruchev

Length: 45 meters
Width: 22.5 meters
Height: 9 meters

Crew Complement: 14
Lt. Commander:
Science Officer:
Chief Medical Officer:
   Medical Technician:
Chief Engineer:
   Senior Engineer's Mate:
   Engineer's Mate:
   Engineer's Mate:
Lead Scout/Security Chief:
   Field Scout/Security:
   Field Scout/Security:

Max. Speed: Warp 9.4
Armament: 2 phaser emitters
Other Equipment:
   2 Rovers
   Advanced Sensor Suite
   Landing Gear
   Single Transporter Pad
   1 Escape pod
   4 Photon Torpedoes
   Various Probes

USS Obruchev's Crest

Ships Division's

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