Sunday, December 18, 2016

This Pale Earth: Burning of Vandenberg (Part I)

 In the first years of the Pale, several former members of the American Empire's military remained loyal to the old Empires cause, they rallied around the bases and forts to protect themselves, their way of life and their loyalties and oaths to the Old Empire. One of the largest groups were stationed in what was once called southern California in an old military base called Vandenberg.

  The Old 30th West Coast Warriors, as they are now called, serve as a vanguard against raiders and other enemies of civilization. They have for more than a hundred years been the sole protectors of the residents of the New SoCal Republic. From the old Empire base of Vandenberg the 30th has staged most of its operations in and around the N.S.C.R. Vandenberg is capital of the N.S.C.R and operations headquarters of the 30th.

  The 30th is well armed having been security for the Space Flight Wings, and where spared much of the drain in the wars prior to the Pale because of this. Much of their gear is of course ancient and has been given an almost religious sense of respect. The 30th has been able to create a handful innovations with some of their equipment and even been able to produce some new Military systems and weapons, most common is the MR-10 Assault Rifle that replaced the ancient M-series Assault Rifle.

Vandenburg is a flourishing trade hub along the coast of Ol'Cali. Many trader and merchant company calls Vandenburg home, and most Companies are protected by retired West Coast Warriors. Largest of these Merchant Companies is the Dusty Range Traders. They deal mostly with Urus, a mutant bison common to the south west, that they herd up and down the south west coast, but also have a large shipping fleet that can deliver cattle to the Shattered Isles of Ol'Cali.

Outside of Vandenburg is a growing population of destitute and downtrodden humans and mutants alike, a ramshackle city that seems to be growing daily, this Shanty Town, as it is called, has created a headache for many members of the 30th as well as a growing security risk, and the poor conditions only encourage crime and violence. Gangs are common as well as a growing criminal underground. The 30th is finding it difficult to maintain peace and tensions are on the rise.

North of Vandenburg towards the mountains is the Old Empire town of Santa Maria, now a Urus Town that raises a special breed of Urus that many traders love using as pack animals and wagon teams. The Giant Urus stands at its shoulder at a whooping 10 feet, this massive animal however is also breed to be very docile and quite intelligent.

South along the Old Coast rests the have submerged city of Los Angeles, a haunt for Mer-fangs and Devil Men. The Devil Men of Los Angles are a notorious group of raiders and pirates, they relish in slaughter and acts of extreme vilolence, if not for the Mer-Fangs the Devil Men would be a even more serious problem to Vandenburg and the 30th. The Mer-Fangs are believed to be mutant fish that have developed human level intelligence and the ability to walk on land for hours at a time. They are four legged and if the rumors are to be believed it is suggested that some have the ability to talk.

Further east into the wilds the wilderness is plagued by roving bands of mutant tribes, power gangers and pockets of night-guants. The tribes do little when facesd with superior numbers and many tribes are fearful of technology, however the power gangers are roving nomads that relish in terror and use what ever tech they can get their hands on. Largest of the power gangs are the Rooster Boys, lead by the mad man Rooster Kage a former member of the 30th. Rooster has decided to form a counter to what he believes is a corupt society in Vandenburg, however he has done little to improve the lives of anyone but his gangers.

The night-gaunts are terrors on of myth and legend, they are a strange breed of mutant that hunts only at night, they very much remind the older folk of Ol'Cali of the stories they were told of zombies and the undead. The night-gaunt are very much canibals and seem to be mindless in the savagery, they never use weapons only tear and claw at their victims before biting and eventually devouring them. Some even suggest that if you survive an attack and were bitten you will rise at the next full moon as on of the night-gaunts, be that has yet to be proven.

***End of Part One***


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