Sunday, December 18, 2016

Transit, tropes we will try to avoid...

Go here, and go over this, as we will be using it to shape our Hard Sci Fi setting....Now tropes aren't bad, but at times can become so overused that they become....well...bad, so while we more than likely will be guilty of using some tropes, this is an attempt to address many of the common tropes and avoid them or at least address them in such a way that they seem justifiable.

So I am gonna jump around and hit the setting tropes first, hopefully we can address many of the tropes to help shape our own setting...

Setting Tropes:

1. The Star Fish Alien Trope.
The problem, he is not so much the weird and strange alien, it's that it is so weird is serves no other purpose than to be some sort of physical obstacle. The Cthulhu mythos is a good example, in that the aliens become something beyond Human understanding, which makes for a a great amount of fun, but it seems has been played out. So out aliens will be some what reasonable, and of course comprehensible. But yeah like intended they will not be of the five finger five toe verity....

2. Aliens have no ethnic, religious, cultural, philosophical or political variance.
This is a common trope in every form of Fantasy or Sci Fi literature...*sigh* and I know why, creating a Alien culture is a lot of work, creating multiple cultures for an Alien race is a massive task....So we start small right?

3. Alien Languages and/or names
I am not J.R.R Tolkien so creating languages isn't my cup o' tea....I know there are some nice resources on the net for this kind of stuff, so hopefully those resource will help avoid the hard constants and apostrophes....

4. Religion is Dead and we are all white Americans
Yeah well it so freaking common in American sci fi.......well I guess in all sci fi just replace the white Americans with whatever culture you want....The "advantage" of having been all over this planet, I realized America is not the center of the universe....And then we have the whole Stoopid Religions are gone, Finally we can build space ships....yeah it's silly....I would offer this instead, yeah stoopid Governments are dead now we can stop killing people! Sorry that was the Anarchist in me....

5. The Future is Dirty and ruled by Evil Corporations/Governments/Religions
I think TNG avoided this trope pretty well, except for that one episode of space worms....I really get tired of all four of these tropes, so lets see if we can avoid it. This goes along with no Dystopias/Utopias....yeah Gene loved the Humanist Utopia.....made writing Human conflict difficult....and Rikers relationship with his Dad or Picard's with his Brother stupid.

6. Space Gawds, Angels and Energy Beings
Look it's fun thinking about some distant Humanist future where we all become some kind of Mormon/Hindu/Buddhist being of pure light, but come on folks that's so's well....ridiculous, "Q" is just boring.....

7. Ancient Wise Pacifist Aliens Guide Us All
This kinda reflects my attitude with point 6 above it's borderline silly, so no benevolent Grays or wise Vulcans. I just feel any Alien we run across by far will have similar agendas as ours if not violent agendas. This plays along with point one.

8.AI, Robots, Androids and Clones ie Humanities God Complex
We can either accept that we can become little gods for our own children or we can accept the idea that true conscious human like AI is impossible, which is something I favor. So no C3PO or Commander Data. Doing this eliminate a hole slew of tropes I would rather not deal with or explain, and this also falls into the real of point 6 which I find Fantasy in all it's forms and a bit to "religious". Now Clones, this is something entirely different as well as genetic manipulation and Cybernetics, these ideas seem very legitimate, and acceptable within speculative reasoning.

These are the larger Tropes but I will be referring to the linked page for most of my guidance in developing the setting...

Next up should be a take up on the ideas of where Humanity stands, and avoiding certian tropes like the Golden Age or the Apocalypse in the past....


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