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Ganthian Classes: The Crusader

Fists of Might, the Crusaders of Law and Chaos

Art Miles Kelly Publishing
Crusaders of Ganth serve the cause of Law or Chaos, they rest above the whims of petty morality and strive for the greater purposes of the Alignments. Each Crusader swears binding oaths to the Powers of Law or Chaos and in trade receive incredible powers and abilities.

Crusaders strive to wage the eternal war of Law and Chaos, they very seldom care who or what is in their way from attaining their goals, because of this they can a times come at odds with the other members of an adventuring party.

Crusaders of Law will always abide by the laws of the local area, and when such laws are not to clear, they strive to create Law. They do this with little regard for morality. Chaos Crusaders are just as likely to break a law as to keep it, more often than not they strive to bring as much chaos to a situation as possible, sometimes going as far as to risk their own lives and the lives of the adventuring group. Smart Crusaders know when to uphold their worldviews and when to suppress them. However given an opportunity to wage the Eternal War they are compelled by their Oaths to do so. A Crusader who acts outside his Alignment is forever cursed unable to regain their powers and abilities, they effectively become Fighters of equal level.

Prime Attribute: STR and INT both 13+ (5% xp bonus)
Hit Dice: D8/Level
Armor/Shield Permitted: Any/Any
Weapons Permitted: Any
Race: Human Only

Alignment/Morality: Lawful neutral or chaotic neutral only
Magic Items: Magical arms and armor only
Allies: Crusaders will never knowingly work for or with characters of opposed alignments

Crusader Class Abilities:
Smite: Crusaders channel the energies that founded the very universe, they are attune to their chosen Alignment and because of this they can focus this energy, rather Law or Chaos depending on their Alignment. Once per day, Smite to add a 1d6+Level to any damage he deals.

Art by Ian Miller
Favored of Law/Chaos: Crusaders of Law and Chaos are immune to all natural diseases and poisons. Crusaders of Law once per day per level can heal natural disease and poisoned allies, but only if such allies are Lawfully Aligned. Crusaders of Chaos can once per day per level Cause natural diseases in opponents, Crusaders of Chaos own blood is a poison, a blessing from Chaos, they can harvest this lethal poison once per day. The Blood Poison last outside of the body for 1 hour and can be applied however the Crusader sees fit.

Detect Law/Chaos: Crusaders cab detect the Alignments of an individual or creature naturally without concentration withing 20 feet of their location. This ability gives a general feel of the presence of the Alignment but not it's location. Nor can it determine intention or morality. This effect extend to Places infused with Law or Chaos.

Purge Law/Chaos: In a week long ceremony a Crusader can purge the presence of their opposing Alignment from an area. The area affected is 10 time the Crusaders level.

Infuse Law/Chaos: In a week long ceremony a Crusader can infuse an area with their own Alignment. The area affected is 10 times the Crusaders level.

Champion of Law/Chaos: At 9th level the Crusader has proven his full devotion to their chosen Alignment. As such these ancient forces have blessed the Crusader with strange new abilities and forms. Roll on the table below that corresponds with the Crusaders Alignment. A Crusader is allowed to roll again at level 12, 15 and 18, ignoring duplicate rolls. Don't be afraid to create new abilities and mutations!

Roll d10Crusader of Law
A golden flame surrounds the Crusader only during combat, and only if the Crusader is not surprised otherwise the flames will not appear. The flame acts as a Continual Light spell and 1d6 points of flame damage are added to all attacks.
The Crusader's features become sharp and angular, but still natural. His eyes become piercing grey and his hair turns white. On closer inspection small gears can be seen rotating around his pupils. The Crusader gains 1d3 to his Intelligence. He also can re-roll any single roll once per day, this reflects his resistance to random chance.
The Crusader develops clock work like gears in his joints and muscles that whir and tick quietly. Their skin hardens to a metal like quality yet remains flexible as skin. seams develop along joints and the backs of limbs, it appears as if the Crusader is wearing very detailed armor. The Crusaders Natural AC is modified by -3, however this does not add to armor already being worn, which ever is best rules out. Also the Crusaders strength is increased by 1d3.
The Crusader can generate a Weapon of Flame, this weapon acts as Flaming Weapon and down 1d6 extra points of damage. On a "critical" roll the target is engulfed in righteous flames that burn for 1d6 rounds down an additional 1d6 points of damage per round. This weapon can be summoned once per day and lasts 1 hour. The weapon acts as the favored weapon of the Crusader and reflects it's base damage. The Weapon can even simulate magical abilities of the Crusaders favored weapon.
Resistance of Law, Law abhors random chance. The Player can pick any ability as long as it has not already been chosen. This can only be rolled once.
Game Master's choice, or create a new power for the Crusader, or something secret has happen, just leave the player guessing.

Roll d10Crusader of Chaos
A black tentacle has replaced much of the crusader's lower jaw, it effectively fills much of his mouth. The tentacle drips with purple saliva and lashes about as if having it's own mind. The Crusader still has the ability to "speak" however it acts as a very limited telepathy mimicking regular communication. The tentacle can attack once per round offering a "second" attack for the Crusader doing 1d6 points of damage.
Boils and growths develop all over the Crusaders body, his armor slowly fuses with his flesh and strange tumors hold it in place. the Crusader permanently gains 1d3 to his armor class, however his armor cannot be removed without the Crusader taking 1d6 points of con damage that will be healing in 1d6 weeks. Armor can be worn again but it will take 1d3 weeks for the armor bonus to return and the new armor to fuse to his flesh.
Strange runes of chaos appear to flicker around the Crusader when he is in combat. The Crusader can at anytime during combat enter a bezerker blood lust, he gains 1d3 to his strength and +10 to his hit points until combat has ended and he can make a save at -5. If the Crusader can not make his save he continue to search for targets to kill including his allies. 
The Crusader summons shadowy demons that lash out and attack his target for 1d6 rounds, these creatures resemble the crusader in hit point and armor class, however the do damage equal to the Crusader's level, so if a Crusader is 10th level the demons on a successful hit do 10 points of damage. The number of demons summoned are equal to half the Crusader's level rounded down. This can be done once per day.
Resistance of Chaos, Chaos thrives on random chance. The Player can re-roll 1d6 times and picking any ability out of the re-rolls as long as it has not already been chosen. This can only be rolled once.
Game Master's choice, or create a new power for the Crusader, or something secret has happen, just leave the player guessing.

Table: Crusader Advancement
LevelExperience Points Required for LevelHit Dice (d8)*Saving Throw
10350,0009+2 hp5
11450,0009+4 hp4
12550,0009+6 hp4
13650,0009+8 hp4
14750,0009+10 hp4
15850,0009+12 hp4
16950,0009+14 hp4
171,050,0009+16 hp4
181,150,0009+18 hp4
191,250,0009+20 hp4
201,350,0009+22 hp4
21++100,000 per level+2 hp/level4

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