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Ganthian Classes: The Fighter

The Fighter, the Man at Arms, Veteran of the Kindred Wars

The Fighter is a master of arms, mighty in war and deadly in the field of combat. He is the lone warrior on a path of justice, the grizzled war veteran of one thousand campaigns, the city guardsman looking for a better life. Fighters strive for perfection in combat. They are the back bone of any adventuring party, offering solid offensive if not a huge defense.
Art by Harold Nelson

In Ganth fighters are the backbone of the warrior orders,like the feared Black Dragoons or the noble Lithian Light Calvary. They are members of many a mercenary troops and the knights of the various chivalric orders. Fighters can be lone marauders, members of adventuring leagues or even the honored explores of distant lands.

Encourage the player to create fighting orders or mercenary guilds that the player trained with or was once a member of. This also helps with leveling if you require the player to be trained before he can gain a new level.

Fighters are often the first class to become landed nobles or carve out new and powerful kingdoms. Much of Ganth has been laid bear by the arm and sword of a ruthless warrior. Of all the classes it is more often than not that nobles and other powerful NPC's gain levels in the fighter class.

Fighters are the most open to specific customization, they can be tweaked and adjusted to fit almost any concept a player wants, from daring swashbuckler to savage jungle lord. Do not be afraid to adjust the character in small ways to reflect a certain concept the player wants to play. Remember however avoid getting too open with abilities and game adjustments, other classes may fill these roles better.

Inspirations Table for Fighters (Roll d6):
1. A member of the notorious Black Hand Mercenary Troop, The Black Hands are sworn allies of the Forces of Chaos, and serve in any war on any side, sometimes switching sides with the whim of Chaos.
  • Character must be Chaotic in Alignment and preferable Morally evil.
  • Character's hands are tattooed black, marking them as a member of the Band.
  • Character's are bound by the forces of Chaos and must roll one random Mutation.
2. A Knight of the Dragon, an order of knights dedicated to hunting down and killing dragons and dragon kind.
  • Knights of the Order are always well provisioned, if in good standing with the Order they receive double their starting money at 1st level.
  • Character's must be Lawfully aligned but can chose any Morality.
  • Character's can identify a Dragon or Dragon Kin, with a roll of 2 or less on a d6, this knowledge includes habits, environments and weaknesses of the Creature.
3. A former marine that served aboard a ship in the Fleet of the Hammer, a raider fleet that razed towns and villages along the coasts of the Inner Seas.
  • Marines have served aboard many sea vessels,because of this they have a good working knowledge of seamanship.
  • Characters of the Fleet of the Hammer may be Alignment but lean towards a Morality of Evil.
  • Marines ave contacts with most Pirates and raiders amoung those near the Inner Seas.
4. Myrmidon of the Seven Isles, Myrmidon's are female warriors that protect the Seven Isles of Man that surround the City of Wynter.
  • Myrmidon's must be female, and must be Lawful in Alignment but can pick any Morality.
  • Oaths to the Powers of Law have been sworn to protect the Seven Ilses and the City of Wynter, because of this Myrmidon's receive a +2 to save against Magic and Magical effects and a +1 resistance to the Taint of Chaos, these bonuses stack when appropriate.
5. A former city guardsman of the Red Gates, the northern gates of the city of Crossings. City guards of the Red Gates defended the gates for months against the giants of the Spine of the World Mountains, because of this all guards have been trained by dwarves to be effective in combating giants.
  • +2 vs any humanoid creature 8 foot tall or taller
  • Redgate Guards also receive a +1 to their AC when flanked by an ally.
6. A Pit Fighter of the Golden Cities, Pit Fighters from the Golden Cities are celebrated and willing gladiatorial athletes. They are skilled in many exotic weapons and have become effective in one on one combat.
  • Pit fighters are superior one on one fighters the receive a +1 to hit and +1 to damage every 3 levels to a max of +5/+5 in single combat when not being flanked or surrounded.
  • Pit Fighters are renowned and quite famous, that being said they receive +2 to reaction encounters
Other Notes:
  • Fighters are masters of combat as such the are capable of specializing in certain weapons as they see fit. One specialization can be chosen at 1st level, then one more every three levels after that. The Weapon specialization must be a practical cultural weapon for the fighter. Specialization gives a +1 to hit and a +1 to damage. Double specialization is allowed, however it can not get chosen again to grant a great bonus beyond +2/+2.
  • Fighters in Ganth cannot become Paladins.
  • All other fighter abilities apply.

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