Friday, March 31, 2017

More Hard Sci Fi Trek

Masao Okazaki, over at the Starfleet Museum has created a great site that I utterly love. Go to it now to check out all the awesomeness that site has to offer, plus check out those early Warp Ships from the Romulan War, yeah 'cause that will be important.

Notice the deck plans on some of the ships the perpendicular deck plans, yeah that's what we are going for. Ya see, this is the first thing, we are going to be looking at, is that our Hard Sci Fi Trek, is going to be using 1g acceleration for much of it's artificial gravity. Of course this means no gravity plating.

We have given ourselves one hand wave in using a very theoretical warp drive, so beyond that things are gonna get complicated. Now we are going for one more, the oft maligned, but very cool EmDrive.

"Ugh by the Great Bird of the Galaxy, Eric, I thought this was gonna be Hard Sci suck."

Yeah I know, I know but give me my three hand waves, for crying out loud. We need a reactionless Drive, Which has it's own issues that need to be solved.

And hey I am dropping Gravity Manipulation, so leave me alone.

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