Friday, March 3, 2017

My Savage Rifts: Ideas on making Rifts my Own.

Over time I will detail these ideas, as I craft something based on Rifts Lore, but conforming to my expectations of the setting itself. Rifts is and always will be that mess of a kitchen sink, maxed out to epic portions. With the Savage Rifts game now in my hands, and the ability to more easily created without he over bloated mess of the Palladium rules this make me even more happy. Last of all I do not have every Rifts Book produced and as such unless I purchase it, I will be making certain assumptions in areas of lore and such.

Last of all, I want to concentrate on what will directly effect my players. Focusing on what I know best would be dealing with North America.

North America:

Economics & Communications: This is a biggie for me both because it's something I enjoy (communications tech, not economics) and it helps define some lack luster elements I find in the setting. Comms is handles stupidly and backwards, the McGuffins are poorly implemented, and to be truthful not really needed.

Governments, Politics and War: The big thing in this section is I feel Rifts North America fits a Points of Light idea better than the Nation States it assumes when it comes to the political powers of the continent. That being said, I picture the many Nations are not much more than City States, that while they "claim" vast tracks of land, it is nearly impossible to adequately secure these areas. Last of all the CS keeping State borders? Why?

Weapons and Other Technology: Rifts' tech is all over the map and at times seems to be stuck in 80's and 90's sci fi troupes. Which isn't really that bad, but it just fails sometime when logically thought out in it distribution, development and usage. Which, noting says it has to be "logical" until players start asking all the Why's and how's and sure I could be a jerk and just hand wave it all...but that just ain't something I want to do. What needs to be addressed is what level technology was at prior to the Rifts, and then set a allotted time, and develop what Technology level Rifts is now. What level would the CS truly be at, what have they developed and what was reverse engineered.

Geography and Environments: The planet was ravaged, war, disease and the freaking Rifts, plus the arrival of new landmasses and the removal of some, and yet, we have a very tame looking I am so going big with this, I am thinking drastic apocalyptic changes, tectonic shifting level stuff, plus with the Rifts ability to bring forth new alien life and such, why not get a little over the top? Make it feel truly alien. Drastic changes to the landscapes climate and overall look of the continents as a whole should have been affected, not some badly conceptualized map of North America. (Rifts maps are horrible, BTW)

Space has to be addressed, and Mutant's in Orbit is garbage. The silly hand wave done to quarantine Earth by the governments in Space is just stupid, and ignores a massive plot whole and even how science or magic works in the setting. Space, at least in Rifts Solar system is Empty, yes I am ignoring a lot here, but hear me out. Nothing survived the apocalypse in on Earth, this massive destruction of civilization and life not only effected Earth but it's Colonies off planet, they just could not survive without the life giving support of Earth, they barley lasted months before they all died. But the AI's remained, and the factories churned on, and in doing so a massive effort by a union of AI's called Legion united in accepting the fate of Earth, the strange energies proved that Earth must have been wiped clean of the AI's former creators, and even centuries later Legion has not been convince that Earth is a dangerous and hostile environment, as such a network of killer satellites have shut down and effort of anyone leaving or coming to Earth. This Network far out shines the system presented in MiO, Rods of God, EMP  and Particle weapons along with Ships size Rail guns have shut down anything moving that is not Legion. The CS and Triax are aware of Legion and have struggled to "solve" this issue. Legion has yet to turn it's Rods of God on the new Civilizations forming on Earth, partially because it has recently determine that as long as Earth is contained it has no need to wipe it clean, this may change as recently ARCHIE 3 has begun negotiations with Legion, something the Republicans fear.

The appearance of a new continent has severely changed the coastlines of the continents of Earth, it's mass has literally altered the rotation of the Earth, ever so slightly. If not for the Magical Forces in play this may have been much worse, Atlantis never truly was a part of this Earth but was pulled from an alternate reality's Earth, more than likely destroying that other Earth.

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