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The Kinship of Man

Ganth is the home of many strange and wondrous races and cultures. Among the many unique races it would seem Man is the most wide ranging, diverse and adaptable. Below is a short list of the most populous Kins of Man. 

Neadar, Woodsmen of the Karg
Requirements: None
Ability Modifiers: +2 STR, +1 CON, -2 CHR, -1 INT
Ability Min/Max: STR 10/19, DEX 3/18, CON 10/19,
INT 3/10, WIS 3/18, CHA 3/12

Physical features: Neadar are taller than most humans broad and a barrel torso. The have sloped heads with thick brows and short necks that force the Neadar to appear as if they are hunched.

Environment/culture: Neadar are most prominent along the great woodlands of the Karg and the hills east of the great river Struum. In Karg the Neadar belong to primitive tribes that are named for the many great predators of the area. Along the Hills of the Struum the Neadar have little culture and live most their lives as slaves to the giants and trolls of the area.

Other Modifiers & Abilities: None
Available Classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Shaman
Class Level Limit: 10th Fighter/ 12th Barbarian/ 9th Shaman
Thief Adjustments: None

Background Options: Orphan of the Tribe, Raised by Wolves, Half Orc, Hunter of Man

Religion: The Neadar have no formal or culturally active faith, they honor certain aspects of nature and their surrounding world. This honor is as much respect for the deadly natural world as it is the gifts the natural world can provide. They have no concept of life after death, a spirit world or even the Planes, Neadar live for the moment, survival being the most important part of their lives.

Ogre, Hillmen of Underock
Requirements: STR 12
Ability Modifiers: +3 STR, +1 CON, -2 CHR, -2 
Ability Min/Max: STR 8/18, DEX 3/17, CON 12/19, INT 3/18, WIS 3/18, CHA 3/16

Physical features: Ogres or Hillmen appear as massive humans with squat faces and small heads that seem to be squished or pinched. Their broad mouths contain filed and jagged teeth that seem never to dull. Their bodies are twisted and knotted by malformed bones and muscles.

Environment/culture: Hillmen are servants of chaos, they despise order and civilization. Their tribes and clans are formed from the strength of their leaders. They live among the hills and rivers of Underock a border land between the plains of Prynn and the Grey Crags of Serith.

Other Modifiers & Abilities: Ogres have the ability to see in the dark, up to 60 feet with starlight and 30 in complete darkness.
Available Classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Thief, Shaman
Class Level Limit: 10th Fighter, 9th Shaman
Thief Adjustments: 
Pick Locks: -10%
Find and Remove Traps -5%
Pick Pockets -10%
Move Silently -5%
Climb Walls +5%
Hide in Shadows -5%
Hear Noise +20%

Background Options: Hither Lord, Son of a Seventh Son, Witch's Brood, Slayer of Autumn

Religion: The Hillmen vary in their faith, as much as most of Mankind does. At their core they still hold some ancient forms of belief, most surround ancient demon worship. The Hillmen have a special kind of relationship with demon-kind that suggests some long forgotten pact. Demon's look upon Hillmen as little cousins, very much like humans look upon apes as kin. This relationship is strengthed when the Hillman becomes a Shaman. Hillman shaman are guided by demon familiars and mentors they make pacts with in trade for power. The most powerful shamans come from the Stone Heart Clan a old clan of Hillmen that have sworn oaths and vows to a Demon Lord by the name of Wernnuxx the Star of the Bloody Sky. The Stone Heart shamans trade their fleshy hearts for demonic runed stones, these stones become foci for the spells and enhance the strengths of the Hillman shaman.

Wynterian, High Men
Requirements: CHR 10
Ability Modifiers: +1 CHR, -1 WIS
Ability Min/Max: STR 8/18, DEX 8/18, CON 8/18, INT 8/18, WIS 3/12, CHA 10/20

Physical features: The Men of Wynter are strange and mysterious, they appear very much as humans but their eyes hold an ancient, knowing light even at birth. High men skin color varies, from pastels of purple and blue to reds and greens. Most males have little if any body hair while females have thin wispy heads of hair that they tend to keep braided in tight knots or buns.

Environment/culture: The Twelve Houses of Wynter and the Thirteenth are the great families that rule the mountain island kingdom of Wynter, the true home of all of Man. This simple fact has only further increased the utter elitism and arrogance of the High Men. Wynter is a city, ancient beyond all memory that is beleived to be the point on Ganth Man first rose from the primordial stuff of chaos. Because of this Wynter hold a sense of holiness and wonder for all of humankind, and it is commonly believed that the High Men where the first to lay the foundations of Wynter. Thirteen House rose from this ancient time to rule over all of Man, however over the eons the High Men have fallen from this path and closed themselves behind the walls and towers of Wynter. All except the Oldest House and the most mysterious the 13th House.

Other Modifiers & Abilities: High Men can see in complete darkness up to 120'. They are resistant to the taint of chaos and can not die of any natural cause. They are immune to all diseases and poisons of the natural world.

Available Classes: Fighter, Magic-User and Thief only
Class Level Limit: None
Thief Adjustments: None

Background Options: Lord of All I Foresee, Doomed to Diaspora, Fallen from Grace, Dilettante

Religion: High Men long ago forsook faith and religion, they may be considered misotheist, in that they acknowledge the existence of gods but hate them and refuse to honor them. Their is a small cult of worshipers who honor a type of demiurge, but it is heavily shunned and ridiculed among the elite of Wynter.

True Men, Great Men of the Golden Cities

Requirements: None
Ability Modifiers: None
Ability Min/Max: None

Physical features: True Men vary in skin colors from golden browns to deep amber and earthy browns. These are men of the Sun and the great and ancient Golden Cities far to the South. Their hair tend to be browns or blacks but in rare cases reds and deep wines have been seen.

Environment/culture:True Men hold the largest diversity of cultures among humankind. From the deep south savage and noble tribes of the Uteem to the wild and exotic Nomads of the Emerald Velds, True Men challenge the very notion that the Wynterians are in fact the First of Men. Of all the Cultures it is the vast Empire of the Golden Cities that rival most powers on Ganth. This Empire stretches thousands of miles across the northern portion of the continent of Ifran. It is a Empire steep in ancient power and diverse politics and faiths.

Other Modifiers & Abilities: None
Available Classes: All
Class Level Limit: None
Thief Adjustments: None

Background Options: Uteem Warrior, Celestial Guard of the Golden Cities, The Sha'Zhar of the White Prophet, Mercenary of the Green Vulture

Religion: As many cultures that make up the whole of the True Men, so there are religions. However the largest faith among the true men is the White Prophet. The White Prophet is a messianic figure that rose from the Eastern Empires. He teaches a life of sacrifice, honor and the teachings of the Sha, or Way. The Sha'Zhar are the Maiden of the White Prophet, Holy Women that spread his word. Only the Sha'Zhar can become clerics and it is honor and respect for the woman that is upheld the most. An older faith among the True Men is that of the God Emperors and their Four Thrones Gods. In the lands of Kemesh or Tawny as the inhabitants call it, the Four Thrones Gods rule over the immortal God Emperors. Among the Uteem deep to the south past the Golden cities and the lands of Kemesh dwell the varied Demon Cults and Animist of the Sun Lands, these faiths wage wars against each other for centuries.

Men of Jhaphi, The Men of Plains
Requirements: None
Ability Modifiers: None
Ability Min/Max: None

Physical features: The Japhi have dark hair, blacks or browns, stunning pale colored eyes and olive or tanned skin. Jhaphi, both male and female tattoo their bodies with family markings, honors to the titans and marks of victory in struggles. only soldiers tattoo with red marks while other profession use blue inks. Never is the face or head tattoo as this is left for slaves taken in war.

Environment/culture: The Men of Jhaphi are the bulwark against the hordes of Orcs that roam the Plains of Pyrnn. They have fought for decades against the orcs keeping them from invading further south into the more civilized lands of the south. It was the Jhaphi that witnessed and allied with the Vjorn when the Orcs laid waste to the Storm Lords, gods of the Vjorn. the Jhaphi are born to war and conflict. They have fought the Autumn elves for centuries, being called Turl'Ghi by the Elves a name meaning Hated Enemy. They have built some of the most beautiful cities known to man, the Grand Towers of the East Marches alone even make the master dwarven architects smile.

Other Modifiers & Abilities: None
Available Classes: All
Class Level Limit: None
Thief Adjustments: None

Background Options: Elf Slayer, One of the Clans, Lancer of the East, Immortal Warrior

Religion: The Men of Jhaphi worship an old and ancient pantheon, not of gods but powerful titans. These titans are the children of a long dead race of god like beings that traveled to Ganth far in it's distant past. These god like beings were slain by their children the titans in a rebellion when it was discovered that the god like beings wished to consume the titans to replenish their energies or life forces. The twelve titans rose up and slayed the god like beings, claiming their power but not consuming them, instead place them in deep slumber and burying them beneath the depths of Ganth. The telve then turned their attention to Gath and saw a group of men, these men waged a depreate war against giants, the titans saw a kinship in these men and in their struggle and in turn assisted the men. Thankful the men offered honor and praise to the titans. Even to this day the titans care for the Jhaphi, living among them in secret helping a protecting them eternally.

Vjorn, Men of the Great North
Requirements: None
Ability Modifiers: None
Ability Min/Max: None

Physical features: Vjorn are large is size, fair skinned with a wide range of natural hair colors but prominently reds or browns. Vjorn favor clan tattooing, the inks used are gathered from regional flowers of each clan. No to clans share the same clan marks, each represent one of the Storm Lords the Clan once favored. Recently tattooing has fallen out of favor among younger clansmen. Instead young warriors will brand the symbols of the Orc clans they have warred with, believing the blood and flesh loss is a true sacrifice to the dead Storm Lords.

Environment/culture: Vjorn are a proud and noble race of Man, struck with a deep melancholy born from the death of their gods the Storm Lords. The Vjorn share much of their culture with giants and have known to have interbreed with some of the more human like giants, the Norn. The Vjorn also have a deep friendship with the Jhaphi who have fought with them against their hated foe, the Orc. The Vjorn are prolific explorers and have been known to explore much of Ganth in the pass, however since the death of the Storm Lords they have become more and more isolationist and xenophobic. 

Other Modifiers & Abilities: None
Available Classes: All, except Clerics
Class Level Limit: None
Thief Adjustments: None

Background Options: Son of the Storm Lords, Berserk, Kladish Radier, Skald of the Old Ways

Religion: The Vjorn have no religion, that is not to say they never did, but when the forces of Chaos, mainly lead by the Orcs, killed their gods, the Vjorn have been at a loss. The Storm lords are dead, and because of this no Preists or clerics have any spellcasting ability. The Vjorn are slowly slipping into a malaise they may never recover from. However among some young warriors and clansmen a cult of sorts has risen, promising the return of the Storm Lords id enough is sacrificed in their honor. In doing so the Vjhorn Brand their bodies with the symbols of orcs they have slain, this act has given rise to what many Vjorn call the Beserk, and ancient practice long forgotten, but seemingly on the rise.

Hestian, Men of the Isles
Requirements: None
Ability Modifiers: None
Ability Min/Max: None

Physical features: Hestians tend to have pale skin colors, with brown or black hair, rarely some Hestians of the Emerald Isles are born with the mark of the Old Gods, a deep green eye color unknown among the rest of Man kind or his kin. 

Environment/culture: Bitter, broken and war weary the Men of the Isles have struggled in war with many nations and peoples around their Emerald Isles, their greatest foes the Men of Wynter and to a lesser extant the Elven nation of Serith. The Hestians have known no other life than a life of hardship and struggle, the Old Dominion of Man wanes and the Hestians know it. The Old Dominion was once the inheriters of the glory Wynter once held, but arrogance and pride brought about it's down fall. Now the Old Dominion is broken and divided with several squabbling nobles fighting over the scraps of a battered empire. Hestians currently are divided in to five large countries, each waging internal civil wars and warring with each other. The largest country, called The Dominion, was a one time the seat of the True Emperor Octavio Lars, after his death the Dominion split and each general formed a new nation. Lars' son Lucretius seized the Dominions Throne and now does all he can to maintain an appearance of stability in the Emerald Isles. 

Other Modifiers & Abilities: None
Available Classes: All
Class Level Limit: None
Thief Adjustments: None

Background Options: Pirate of the Raging Sea, Knight of the Grand Crown, Guildsman of the Fit, Fallen Noble of the Old Dominion

Religion: Hestians are deeply religious, many are Followers of the Way and the Light, called the Lightbearers a monotheistic faith. The Old Dominion frowns on this faith and still hold to the Old Gods of the Green, a faith Emperor Lucretius holds dear. The Hestians of the Mainlands and the other four countries of the Old Dominion have all converted to the Way and the Light, this has only increased their struggles internally and externally. It is common to see the Knightly Orders of the Lightbearers waging battle against each other simply because they where founded in a different country of the Old Dominion. Lightbearer witch hunters are the only known sect that will work with others of another country.

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